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Firefighting System

Fire Pumps

Red & Green System

Blue System

White System

Foam System

System Arrangment

Diagram Diagram Section View #1 Section View #2 Deck Plan Hold Plan Pump Seating #2 Inboard (Side View) Pump Seating #1 Diagram Diagram

Monitor Supports

Plan View Elevations Notes Aft Deck Foredeck Wheelhouse Top Notes

General Info

Performance Calc's Performance View #1 Performance View #2 Underwharf (Diagram) Underwharf (Notes) Legend #1 Legend #1 Legend #1 Legend #1 Legend #2 Legend #2 Legend #2 Legend #2

Fill Vent & Sounding System

Fixed Tanks Small Tanks & Sea Chest Details Design Specs Design Specs Design Specs


Design Specs



Design Specs Design Specs Design Specs PowerPoint PowerPoint PowerPoint PowerPoint