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November 06, 2016               2017 Ship of the Year: Protector

Long Beach's agile new fireboat a beauty and a beast.

May 20, 2016                            Fire destroys old Ruby's Diner and damages Seal Beach Pier

Seal Beach - Flames erupted Friday morning at Seal Beach Pier, destroying the old Ruby's Diner and sending a column of smoke over the area.  Find out more at

January 19, 2017                     Fox 11 In Depth: Port of Long Beach Fire Boat (Video)

POLB - Fox 11 In Depth: Port of Long Beach Fire Boat Video.

November 8, 2018                   Mega Machines:  Sea Giants

Season 1, Episode 5     Firefighting Super Ships

The biggest, most advanced fireboats in the world carry superhero behemoths, using cutting-edge engineering and technology to keep a critical American port safe from deadly fires.  

November 03, 2015              Fireboat, Port of Long Beach, Ballard Locks

Fireboat, Port of Long Beach, Ballard Locks, Nov. 3, 2015 - Picture of Hiram M. Chittenden Locks, Seattle.

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Photo coutesty of Race Dougherty