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December 15, 2011               Prequalification of Shipyards

FIREBOATS - Port of Long Beach, Long Beach, CA intends to prequalify shipyards for the bid of construction of two new fireboats.  Find out more at

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August 30, 2012                     Bid Invitation

Notice - Inviting Bids for construction and delivery of two new fireboats for the Port of Long Beach at Long Beach, CA is scheduled to be posted August 30, 2012 on the Port website at

December 03, 2012                Port of Long Beach Purchases Two New Fireboats

Long Beach - Seattle-based Foss Maritime Co., a Port of Long Beach tenant, was awarded a $51 million contract to construct two new advanced-technology fireboats for the Port of Long Beach to be used at Fire Stations 15 and 20.  Find out more at

August 29, 2013                    First Look

First Look - Port of Long Beach’s Powerful New Fireboat.  Currently taking shape at Foss Maritime’s shipyard in Seattle are the Port of Long Beach’s new Robert Allan-designed fireboats. Once delivered in 2014, these will be amongst the world’s most powerful fireboats.

May 19, 2014                          Foss Maritime Dedicates New Fireboat for Port of Long Beach  

Seattle - The first of two new technologically advanced fireboats under construction by Foss Maritime for the Port of Long Beach (POLB) was dedicated in a blessing ceremony on Thursday, May 1 at Foss Maritime's Seattle Shipyard.

September 22, 2014             Fireboats Battle Huge Warehouse Blaze in Port of Los Angeles near Wilmington

Wharf Fire - More than 150 firefighters on water-spraying boats and divers in the water with hoses attacked a huge fire burning under a warehouse in the Port of Los Angeles on Monday night in Wilmington.